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The Afroriginals Call to Action

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The Afroriginals is a platform for a people dedicated to showcasing the authentic, focused, responsible, and objective actions those of African descent are undertaking to reshape the narrative on Africans the world over. Our mandate is to celebrate African cultures, focus on the importance of community, and respond objectively where there is a need for solutions for our community.


We strive to empower and uplift our community with powerful stories, thought-provoking topics, and meaningful action for outcomes that positively affirm our mission in any space to:

"Be authentic, be focused, be responsible, be objective, and take action."

 Join us on our journey to create a more just and equitable world.

Image by Scott Webb


The Inspiration Behind The Afroriginals

Inspired by the trauma of anti-black racism, The Afroriginals was founded by Tinashe Manolo to effect meaningful and effective change in society by inspiring the Afrocentric community worldwide to reEDUCATE, reIMAGINE, reVIVE, and reESTABLISH Black Afrocentricity.


On the conviction to stand up for his family and the black community, the goal has been to give voice to the voiceless, inspire leaders to act beyond words, lead by connecting Africans to solve black issues, and encourage black and Afrocentric people who have sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the people.

How? By leveraging the power of honest story to continue dialogue, using professional expertise to scrutinize potential solutions, empowering creative expression to solve issues that need to be challenged, and creating an outlet for the suppressed voice of black/afrocentric society to action change.

Being an Afroriginal is a singular mandate and an outward expression to embody the conviction that:

When authentic Black/Afrocentric people lead, ACTION follows

When focused Black/Afrocentric people lead, positive CHANGE happens

When  responsible and objective Black/Afrocentric people lead, TRIUMPH is inevitable


Tinashe Manolo,

Lead Steward

The Afroriginals

As an African man, I'm tired of playing second fiddle in society. I'm tired of continuously talking about my lived experience when it's my God-given responsibility to effect the change I want for us black people and establish the future my children and generations to come deserve.


This platform is my first act. There's more to come because, without action, it's lip service.  

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